“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” – Romans 12:12.

Stitches. After 3rd surgery.

After the 3rd surgery.

As it sometimes happens, things got a bit worse before they got better. Pete’s wound required a second “open and irrigate” procedure (on Sunday, 7/15) because he continued to have intermittent fevers and pain. We learned the next day of Dr. Lawlor’s recommendation for 4 weeks of IV therapy with antibiotics which requires a long term tunneled IV catheter (also called a peripherally inserted central catheter or PICC line). 

We had a small window whereby we might have qualified for a transcontinental interfacility aeromedical transfer (100% paid for by our AirMedCare “Flight Home” Insurance Policy) to complete Pete’s treatment, recovery and rehabilitation within our own healthcare system. Pete transitioned from “unstable for transfer” to “ready for discharge” in a matter of two days. We were unable to firm up our plan quickly enough, and in all honesty, Pete’s recovery will best be served by sticking with his current providers and plan of care. (Any flight soon after surgery, medical or commercial, has risks)

This was a hard pill to swallow at first. We wanted to be home, in California, in our own familiar surroundings and under the care of our own doctors, and we were frustrated with the complications. We had what some may refer to as “Get-Home-Itis.” This condition is known to put blinders on the afflicted. And it doesn’t only occur in healthcare. It can hit anyone, anytime. When one places his/her desire to get home over what is reasonable and safe, bad things can happen. What we perceived as “transfer roadblocks” were better recognized as justifications to slow down and consider what was best for Pete’s health. The providers and staff at the Bone and Joint Institute supported us through the difficult decision to continue care in Connecticut. 

Home health nurse.

Home health intake process.

We transitioned to a home setting, at Helen’s, with visiting nursing and physical therapy. I was instructed (actually, I was signed off) by the registered nurse to administer Pete’s IV antibiotic and to perform wound care and dressing changes. The physical therapist ensured Pete was using his walker and forearm crutches properly. She designed a program to help Pete regain strength and endurance. 

We will be here in Connecticut until IV therapy is completed. Amtrak gave us a full refund for our train tickets. Enterprise extended our rental car contract. Again. 

We are so grateful for the love and support of family, and blessed to have all your prayers for healing. Thank you, and keep them coming!